Monthly Archives: October 2013

Problems in Translation

One of the tabs on the Herrineringscentrum Kamp Westerbork website is, in Dutch, is “Jodenvervolging”. Their English version website translates this a “Persecution of the Jews.” Joden means “Jews”; Vervolging means “persecuting” or “pursuing”. Google Translate translates the compound words as “Jew-Baiting”.

No comment, just curious.


Stating Intentions

This blog is meant to reflect an ongoing learning process, for the next year, in fulfillment of the requirements of the Gideon Klein Fellowship through Northeastern University. I will be doing ongoing research to find out about the Camp Westerbork cabaret. Here, I will report on my findings as I find them — in other parts of the site I will organize my information in a systematic way.

I have already uploaded a number of external sites on my Resources page. I will continue to mark external online resources and print resources on that page.

Please do be in touch if you have more information or references!